THE TOUCH Japanese Language School The word “MINSAI” expresses the idea that “people of different cultures, ages and genders respect each other and acknowledge each other, so that small encounters lead to a large swell and lead to world peace” in just its word. We not only provide high-quality Japanese language education, but also actively provide opportunities to know Japanese culture and have opportunities for students to enjoy interaction. Kyoto minsai Education philosophy Through the education of Japanese culture, we aim at fostering global citizens who understand, accept, and love the ideas of others and cultures of different countries and regions. Not by means of interaction between a country and a country, but by having interaction between people (民) and people (民) with Japanese language and culture as the catalyst, we cultivate the mindset of mutual understanding, and we believe these efforts lead to world peace. This is the educational philosophy of Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School.





รับสมัคร 2021

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